Introduction to Gypsy’s Travels

sierra buttes2

A view of the Sierra Buttes

Motorcycling has been a passion of mine for 20 plus years and it’s always been my dream to travel to far away places by motorcycle.  Riding down a road, feeling the nuances of the temperature change when I dip down into a cool valley or ascend up a tree-lined mountain pass is bliss.  Smelling the bite of pine trees,  or the musky aroma of the Fall leaves are experiences missed in the sterile confines of an automobile.  I experience it as a great freedom to be this close to the world around me and it’s a thrill that lingers long after the ride is done.

Exploring the trails near Downieville.

Exploring the trails near Downieville.

Track Day on my BMW 650 GS.

Track Day on my BMW 650 GS.

Fall colors on the Topaz ride.

Fall colors on the Topaz ride.

I believe that once you purchase a bike, the moment you throw a leg over, it develops it’s own personality.  It becomes a part of you as you ride down the road, connect to it, feel how it handles and how it responds to you.  I feel like in some way it comes alive.  This is why, after some time in the saddle I typically will give my bike a name.  Crazy?  Maybe, but that’s how I see it. This blog was named after my Triumph America, which I lovingly named Gypsy.  A beautiful black bike with lovely curves, but after some time I realized the cruiser style was not for me.  I loved the look but hated riding with feet forward.

I’ve ridden different styles of bikes, one of my favorites was a Suzuki V-Strom 650, affectionately known as Dirty Sally.  Dirty Sally is a bit more rough n tough and goes where the pavement ends. FullSizeRender_2 4

Since the new year, I went back to a Triumph but this time I’m on 2007 Bonneville T100, lovingly named, Bonnie, of course.  I ride on the road more than I do dirt, and the dirt I ride on is mostly gravel or fire roads, easily handled by Bonnie.  Throw some light knobbies on it, a skid plate and some engine guards and POOF!  It’s a Scrambler.

Stay tuned for further adventures that will include long trips, day trips, camping trips, and the wonderful friends I ride with sometimes.  If you share the same passion of travel by motorcycle, or you’re just curious, feel free to follow along.  You may catch my sightings of mountains, oceans, winding roads, roadside diners, red rocks and maybe even Big Foot or an alien in the desert.  Until then, have a look around my blog, share your thoughts and enjoy!moto boots


  1. Bravo on the motorcycle travel. My wife and I wore out two Goldwings. Traveled much of the USA. Ate a lot of bugs. In all, I owned 11 motorcycles over the past 55 years. I’m 78 and it’s time to watch.


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